All material is hand selected and created exclusively by Vivian Andrus. Stones, pearls and other materials are of the finest quality, as is the workmanship. Raw materials come from Asia, Africa, America and Europe. Stones include pearls, garnets, chalcedony, topaz, coral, jade, onyx, iolite, obsidian, turquoise, amber, malachite, tiger eye and many more.

Designing a piece of jewelry means bringing the elements of color, balance and texture together in order to create the perfect dramatic product. The right piece of jewelry is as essential to a woman’s wardrobe as the quintessential little black dress creating a timeless sophisticated look.

Vivian enjoys creating customized jewelry for brides and bridesmaids, redesigning and updating clients’ existing pieces, or creating pieces for clients’ special outfits, in addition to designing her own unique creations.

Always handle your pieces carefully. Try not to drop or scratch them. Treat them gently and with care. Many stones are fragile.

Never use a silver dip on ANY part of jewelry. It is harsh and abrasive and can damage stones and is not good for sterling silver.

Wipe semi-precious stones, including pearls, with a soft cloth before storing to eliminate body oils that have coated your jewelry simply by wearing it.

Turquoise should periodically be gently rubbed with a soft cloth that has a small amount of mineral oil on it to maintain color and luster.

Never put perfume on your neck if you are wearing a necklace. Spray your wrists instead

Always put your jewelry on LAST, after the hairspray and perfume. Treat pieces as if they are the icing on the cake.

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Welcome to Vivian Andrus Designs, a company based out of Houston, Texas and dedicated to creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry. The styles can be simple or intricate, casual or formal.

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As all pieces are "one of a kind" and original, we are constantly updating this site with new pieces. Please visit us often. Better yet, click us into your favorites so you can check on us periodically.

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